3rd Party Order Delivery Made Easy

By Jamie Swartz on 2/28/20 1:38 PM

Integrate 3rd Party Delivery Orders to your Revention POS with ItsaCheckmate

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Three Ways to Reduce Pizzeria Restaurant Wait Times

By Rahul Bakshi on 12/23/19 8:00 AM

The pizza restaurant industry continues to be a healthy one: according to the 2020 Pizza Power Report from PMQ1, the U.S. pizza market generates $46.34 billion in sales—and that figure is rising. But with the number of pizzerias in this country growing to 77,724 this year, the competition for those sales dollars is fierce. Delicious pies alone are not a sufficient draw—pizzerias need to provide an outstanding overall customer experience. 

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Considering a New Pizza POS System? Don't Forget About These Often Overlooked Features

By Rahul Bakshi on 12/17/19 8:00 AM

Pizzerias are a unique vertical of the hospitality industry. Even a skilled full service  restaurant owner or bar manager would need to learn the nuances of the pizza industry to succeed.  In the same way, you wouldn’t expect a traditional restaurant point of sale (POS) system to have the capabilities to address all the distinctive needs of pizzerias. 

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3 Signs Your Pizzeria Menu Management System Needs a Major Makeover

By Rahul Bakshi on 12/10/19 8:00 AM

Your menu is important. It’s what draws customers in and what keeps them coming back. But what the most successful pizzeria owners understand is managing your menu is just as important to the overall operational success of your restaurant. 

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