3rd Party Order Delivery Made Easy

By Jamie Swartz on 2/28/20 1:38 PM

Integrate 3rd Party Delivery Orders to your Revention POS with ItsaCheckmate

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Three Indicators You Need a Point of Sale System Built for Fast Food Restaurants

By Rahul Bakshi on 11/19/19 9:00 AM

If you’re managing one or more fast food restaurants you know just how critical your point of sale system is to your bottom line. The restaurant’s POS can literally make your customers’ experience a great one or a terrible one. If you find that the POS at your quick service restaurant isn’t able to keep up, is not easy to use and/or doesn’t have some of the more advanced features, you need to consider a quick service point of system system that will help you increase profits. 

Topics: Quick Service
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Quick Service POS Software: 4 Killer Ways to Streamline Restaurant Operations

By Rahul Bakshi on 11/5/19 9:00 AM

The key to a successful quick service restaurant is providing a quick, accurate and pleasant experience for customers. While that’s probably not surprising, getting all of these things to happen at the same time can be a challenge if you don’t have the right quick service POS software to help you run the restaurant. 

Be sure you’re using a quick service point of sale system that can streamline your restaurant operations day in and day out. Here are four things to look for in your POS.

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How Fast-Food POS Improves Speed of Service

By Rahul Bakshi on 10/22/19 9:00 AM

Many technological advancements have been made since drive-thru service was introduced in 1947. Despite the technological improvements, speed of service has been declining in recent years. Annual drive-thru performance studies by QSR Magazine found that average drive-thru wait times were 225 seconds in 2017, up from 173 seconds just five years prior (i.e. 2012). Owners attributed much of the increase to having more complex and premium menu items. Whatever the reason, the uptick demonstrates the need to decrease wait times.

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QSR Technology: 4 Advantages of Restaurant Loyalty Programs

By Rahul Bakshi on 10/8/19 9:00 AM

A key factor to staying relevant and competitive in the ever-more-crowded quick service restaurant (QSR) sector is leveraging every technological advantage you can. One QSR technology that has become a “must-have” is a restaurant loyalty program. Let’s take a look at how a loyalty program can strengthen your relationship with customers and lead to increased profits.

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